We Remove the Risk from You.  90 DAYS CREDIT TERMS AND  NO QUESTIONS ASKED RETURN POLICY. We continue our  innovative  strategies and provide the credit you deserve. No credit checks, no demand for financial statements. We help you get the inventory variety at the most competitive price  available on the market today.




We know the pressure your cannabis business is under. State Compliance costs and expenditures can be overwhellming. Accountants, Attorneys, CPAs and licensing consultants all have their hand out. We know becasue we lived it. Our Chairman and President, C. Dean Homayouni, Esq., CPA provided his law office to get us theorugh the maze. Wihtout him and his dedication none of this will have been possible. Our next step is to treat your business the same as Walmart. Credit and Removing the Risk From You.   
There are hundreds and strains and many choices. You want to try a new product but fear it will not sell. That is not an issue with us. You can return any unsold inventory at any time and without quesiton as long as the sealed package is not opended. We can provide such a great policy because we cultivate multiple strains and manufacture multiple products. We have the capability to cultivate up to 50,000 pounds of high grade cannabis. If our stains do not sell then the RISK IS ON US and not on you. That is the way it should be.  
Our Chairman, Mr. Homayouni, understands running a business is about Risk Reduction. We intend to be your long term business partner and provide value by removing the risk from the products you obtain from us. No hard sell tactics and no arguement over returns. You are our partner and it is two way street; not one way. We put our money and our products where oiur month is. Ask your other vendors if they offer the same terms. Most likely they do not.  

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