From Equity and Equipment investments to modern techniques to reduce expenses, increase efficiency of our vertically integrated companies. to increasing your cash flow and profits; YOUR STRENGTH IS OUR STRENGTH.




  1. You are the Key
    Your Dispensary or Cultivator Co-Op is the driving force behind our entire strategic investments. It is our goal to increase your profits and cash flow while stripping away accounting and legal functions. But we go farther than that. Electric vehicles, modern POS, system wide marketing, phone bank and inventory on credit relieves your stress and propels your business.
  2. Electric Vehicles: Gas is Gone
    We deliver up to four (4) Ford C-Max Energi hybrid electric vehicles and have quick charge stations installed. No worries about car payments, car repairs, no gasoline bills and no state authorities breathing down you back. You save $9,000 per month in gas, help the environment and get to watch your sales balloon.
  3. Big Legal Bills are Gone
    Tired of your attorneys treating your bank account as theirs. You get unlimited phone calls concerning any legal issue. Because we will own 25% of the business under out Equity Share Program, you problem is our problem. Employment issues, IRS problems, local and state licensing legal bills are a thing of the past. We do cannabis related legal work full time. It is not a side business for us. It is all we do.
  4. Consolidated Marketing
    You are charged 1% of your gross sales for centrally lead marketing programs. Three email blasts a week, text messages, two TVs in the store playing looping videos, stand up marketing posters, free give-a-ways and lots of other techniques to drive customers into the store or make another order. All work performed by top notch artists and marketing specialists.
  5. Accounting Fees are Gone
    The amazing Microsoft NAV system you will be using is a breeze. But we even went a step further. We do the accounting and remove the headache. From 280E issues to income taxes, we prepare and file the required paperwork. No more consulting bills and no more delays in financial statements. They are online and up to date. You have access to the same data we do.
  6. Phone Bank
    For the mobile delivery service we provide a central phone bank to call in orders and answer questions. Deliveries can be allocated based on closet zip code or consumer selecting the store. No more irate customers because no one picked up the phone or a lost sale because no one answered.

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