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PROFIT IMPROVEMENT: We Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is. Advice and Financing From One Company. Easy, Simple, Fast and Efficient.

Our PROFIT IMPROVEMENT MODEL is simple and easy to understand. Our ability to buy in bulk for cannabis and source hardgoods from overseas allows us to drive down costs and jam product into your store. But we do not stop there. We remove expenses from your system and do the work. Typical costs reductions include significant reduction in or complete elimination of:
  • Legal Fees
  • Accounting Fees
  • System Cost
  • Delivery Vehicle Expense
  • Phone Bank
  • Marketing Expenses
  • Inventory on Credit
  • Security System
  • Financial Statement Preparation
  • Tax return Preparation and Filing Fees
  • Inventory Reconciliation
  • Gasoline for cars used in delivery service
  • Human Resources
  • Reduction in background checks of employees
  • Reduction in dispute resolution costs
  • Reduction in store configuration and design
  • Reduction or elimination of costs of computer system and point of sale system
  • Lower product cost and higher margins
  • Lower inventory shrinkage
  • More proactive and timely approach to cost issues due to timely review of financial statements
  • Lower security costs
  • Lower Security Monitoring Costs
  • System wide marketing reduces per store cost
  • Better inventory management
  • Just in Time inventory
Headcount reductions are your decision and not ours. We do not run the location and give a lot of freedom to you as the business owner. But there are ground rules as follows:
  • We do not play games and expect the same from our Equity Share participants.
  • Salaries are agreed to up front.
  • Employees by category are given an hourly wage range. 
  • Since we process payroll all wages must be within the agreed upon range.
  • No car allowances or company cars for owners or employees.
  • Budgeted expenses must be adhered to. We do not allow expensive dinners and bottles of champagne.
  • No unauthorized bonus payments.
  • Health insurance subject to monthly limitation.
  • No retirement plans or cushy pension plans unless approved upfront.