Santa Barbara County is "hands down" the best location for light deprivation greenhouses and outdoor cultivation operations. The County has a friendly and cooperative government, reasonably priced land, low excise tax structure, no per square foot cultivation fee and the most mind-blowing setback requirements available in California.  
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Being Part of Team is a Win-Win for all Parties and a Reduction of Risk

  • We reduce the standard licensing fees by 50%.
  • We locate the land and construct the facilities.
  • Flat fee pricing. No unexpected surprises of fees in the end. Over-runs are on us. 
  • Training and more training.
  • No charge access to an Attorney and CPA that are experts in cananbis.  
  • You learn to build, cultivate and market.
  • A member of a marketing system to move the product.
  • Low cost production.
  • High grade end products. 
  • You will be taught by expert cultivators.
  • 50% off standard Cannabis ERP Software.
  • No hidden licensing fees or costs.
  • Researched land parcels including clean title, verified water sources, tested wells, permitted structures.
  • SOPs ready and approved by the County.
  • Submission of licensing package within 30 days.
  1. Flat Land and Water Rights
    Flat Land and Water Rights
  2. Multiple 40 Acre Locations
    Multiple 40 Acre Locations
  3. Electricity On-Site
    Electricity On-Site
  4. Low Humidity
    Low Humidity
  5. 75 Foot Setback Required
    75 Foot Setback Required
  6. Massive Room For Expansion
    Massive Room For Expansion

Why is Santa Barbara County the Best Location for Outdoor and Greenhouse Cultivation for Persons New to the Cannabis Industry?

  • 4% excise tax on gross sales
  • No per square foot cultivation tax
  • 2 hours from the Los Angeles Basin
  • 4 hours to San Diego
  • Elevation at 2,500 feet
  • Affordable land
  • Access to experienced cultivators 
  • Friendly government
  • Slimmed down application process
  • Multiple sites to choose from
  • Local permanent team on the ground
  • Multiple years experience cultivating in the environment
  • Access to reliable contractors
  • Adequate water supply
  • Low wage rates
  • Long growing season
  • Low humitidy and semi-arid enviroment reduced inserts & mold
  • 6 months to be licensed
  • Can build greenhouses during licensing process
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