Our MLM Program (Multi-Level Marketing), Scratch-Off Cards and the Wheel of Cannabis will drive sales and make your dispensary fun and exciting. We talked to multiple dispensary owners and they all stated, "I want it now!!!!". We decided to go further than that. We put in place our 90 Days Credit program and No Hassle Return Policy to remove the RISK from you, increase your sales and take the headachs away.   
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  The MLM Program simply put, is a one level deep multi-level marketing and customer loyalty program. Returning customers represent the lowest cost of acquisition and present the easiest way to market to. We listened to a lot of "branding" companies and their proposals and felt the only branding being presented was them wanting to pocket a fast bank deposit. Pretty packaging and is great but what dispensary owners told us is that they want "give-a-ways" and price competitive product and not over-priced packaging. 

Mr. Homayouni practiced in Las Vegas for 15 years. Las Vegas is ground zero for building (1) excitement, (2) customer loyalty and (3) creating a fun environment. In order to accomplish the three goals above took a lot of thought and capital commitment of our principals. We had to (i) develop software to track customer and reference loyalty points (accomplished by Pegasus Software Group), (ii) self-cultivate and deliver low-cost cannabis products for the loyalty points rewards (our vertical cultivation and distribution operations eliminate middleman including packaging and distribution companies) and (iii) supply non-cannabis products for the Wheel of Cannabis (our Canna-Culture Group that directly sources the products and eliminates middlemen). 

Because we purchased the Source Code and the Programming Environment of an industrial strength ERP system; we have the ability to enhance and modify the system that already has the features you need. Web-based Cannabis SAAS applications may be "pretty" but they lack the feature sets and actual thought process that went into our application. Millions of dollars were spent developing the code and thousands of users have utilized the system in a non-cannabis setting. There is no way the Fake Cannabis ERP Systems can roll out the same feature sets. We are not bragging or talking "trash". It is reality. If you want a ground-breaking Marketing Program that can handle the complexities that make it seen easy, then you need a feature rick back-end application and the ability to modify the application effectively. 

Pegasus Software Group's Cannabis ERP system comes with a full-blown built-in Customer Relationship Management system and a full environment to design and schedule email blasts. No need for Baker or other $500 add-on programs. We have what you need and it is included as part of the package. You can change the points customers earn and email blast out the SPECIALS; such as double the points during the week before Christmas or the week of 420. It is quick and easy. Make your customers flock to your dispensary with the press of a button. HOW COOL IS THAT!!!!!

Other vendors pitch "ROI". We pitch free products, a real program to increase sales and create happy and loyal customers. Paying to do email blasts are gone. Paying for an eCommerce website are gone, paying for an integrated mobile delivery service application is history. We reduce your cost and deliver marketing programs that will increase sales, allow you to offer over 2,500 non-cannabis products through your company branded Canna-Culture Storefronts and actually get cash going into your bank account and not the other way around.      


MLM Program Key Features
Scratch-Off Cards
Wheel of Cannabis
  • Your cusotmer earns one point for every eight of an ounce of Pegasus high grade light deprecciaiton cannabis purchased. 
  • 10 Points earns a free eighth of our outdoor grown cannabis.
  • For each person that comes to your dispensary or mobile delivery service and names a current customer, thr person above gets 1 tenth of pointt for wvery eighth of an ounce of Pegasus high grade lisght deprivaiton cannabis purchased.  
  • The second level MLM Program person earns one point for every Pegasus eight of an ounse of high grade cannabis they purchase.
  • The MLM program requires the installation of our dispensary and mobile delivery software application. 
  • Automatic inventory replenishment.
  • You get the outdoor packaged cannabis at $250 per 128 eighths (one pound).  
  • When a customer purchases an eight of an ounce of Pegasus high grade light deprivaton cannabis they get a scratch-off card. 
  • We supply the non-cannabis prizes. 
  • You participate in the program that also provides a percentage discount for cannabis products on the scratch-off cards.
  • Drives sales and immediate purchases. 
  • Prizes are tee-shirts, glass pipes, grinders, discount coupons for caannabis products.
  • Watch your cusotmers have fun!!!!!
  • The Customer rmust send coupon to our Canna-Culture storefront processing center to have the prize mailed to them.
  • How cool is that!!!!!!
  • Every 25th scratch-off card aloows a cusotmer to do a spin on the Wheel of Cannabis.
  • Free joints of Pegasus high-end light deprivation grown cannabis will make your customers smile.
  • Wow!!!!!!! Watch your customers faces glow. Make the expeirence at your dispensary fun.
  • This results in customers trying strains of Pegasus light deprivaiton cannabis they might not normally try.
  • Our POS system automatically tracks the number of joints given away and the growing number of happy cusotmers you will have.        
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